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Moving to Huntsville. My to do list. Any advice?

To do and what to always do!

Buy a camera.

Ask people and/or nature to pose for the sake of art, life, and beauty.

Paint till my heart is content.

Create suitable clothing.

Dress & Look the way I want to feel.

Draw or at least color what may inspire me.

Listen to music and Meditate for at least one hr.

Work out aerobically.

Spend an hour with my felines.

Rollerblade, Shoot pool, Bowl, etc.

Visit Tommy Boy (my cat) and Family.. every once in a while. heh

Visit Sam Houston.

Go to the Library, Park, Coffee Shop, Diner, or Theater.

Say hello when you make eye contact... especially if they are cute!

Clean or do some chores around the house.

Make time to cook.. and ENJOY IT!

Call at least one person to talk.. mainly family.. or a crush. heh

Look for a job/take good opportunies when they come along.

Schedual your rests and make time to start the day right.

ALWAYS Improvise, be Resourceful, and stay safely Optimistic.

Consume food and beverages wisely.

Maybe start a garden with Renee.

Recycle when and as much as you can.

Buy a bike.
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